Stranded Great Dane on Harrison Lake Finally Rescued After Month

2022-09-24 02:18:57 By : Ms. Jenny zhai

Finally a happy ending for a sweet Great Dane stranded for over a month on a Harrison, Michigan lake.

The tragic story of the Great Dane named Zaria started to unfold in August when the dog got off its collar that was on a leash at nighttime. Somehow the dog made its way into the lake and swam across making her way to an island on Cranberry Lake.

Rescuing the stranded pup was not as easy as it seemed with the area she is wandering in is about the size of five football fields. It is surrounded by marsh and low muddy land except for the center of the area which is higher. As rescuers would get closed, Zaria would run off in fear. Volunteers were able to track her moves by using a drone but were unable to catch her, until now.

After tempting the 2-year-old pup by using a food trap for about a week, news came that Zaria was able to be rescued on Wednesday by Animal Control Officers. According to reports, rescuers reportedly left out food and water to help her gain weight and her trust, which ultimately led to her being rescued.

“The plan was to get her used to going in the trap, as far as catching her,” Clare County Animal Control Officer Bob Dodson told 9 & 10 News.  “Instead of putting the food outside the trap, we solely put food inside the trap, and today she sprung it.”

Zaria, whose owners had signed ownership over to Clare County Animal Shelter, will be assessed and cared for before she makes her way to a foster home. You can follow her recovery and updates on the animal shelter's Facebook page. 

We are sure the sweet Zaria will find a loving forever home.